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Recent Announcements

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GLAC Organization

Executive Committee
Mr Sankar Krishnan President
Director of Strategy, Logistics
Dr Kalyan Ramamurthy Vice President,
Director of Fund Development
Mr Sriram Ganapathy General Secretary
Director of Communications
Ms Charulatha Shankar Treasurer
Director of Event Management
Planning Committee
Ms Ganga Rajkumar Director, Marketing and Cultural Affairs
Mr Sivaram Muthusubramaniyan Director, Technical Program Development
Ms Nagu Lakshmanan Director, Community Outreach
Mr Ramamoorthy Director, Corporate Affairs
Advisory Committee
Mr B.N. Sudindranath
Mr Srinath Bramadesam
Ms Padma Kuppa


Past Presidents of GLAC:

Dr K K Venkat  
Dr Rangaswamy  
Mr B N Sudindranath  


The Sarovar Teams from the past..

Sriram Ganapathy ; B.N. Sudindranath ; Dr. Kalyan Ramamurthy ; Sankar Krishnan; Sivaram Muthusubramaniyan
Charulatha Shankar ; Padma Kuppa


(L to R) Sankar Krishnan ; B.N. Sudindranath ; Sriram Ganapathy ; Lalitha Ravichandran ; Sivaram Muthusubramaniyan ; Charulatha Shankar ; Srinath Bramadesam ; Dr. Kalyan Ramamurthy


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