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GLAC Navaratri Kolu | Bomma Koluvu | Bombe Habba contest

Adorned Devis, Carnatic Music, meticulously decorated nine steps, illuminating pujas and aarthis, kids with their savories and sweets -- Navaratri is nine nights full of tapestry of colorful memories.

GLAC has been celebrating our rich culture and heritage with the Michigan Navaratri Festival at the Bharatiya Temple and now taking the spirit of Navaratri further with a virtual Navaratri Kolu / Bomma Koluvu / Bombe Habba contest, which is now open to the public.

Contest Rules:

  1. This is a 'fun' virtual Kolu contest open until Oct 10th.

  2. Entries will be received via email admin@glacmichigan.com or via the GLAC Facebook messenger (Preferred).

  3. Entries will be made anonymous and uploaded on the 'GLAC 2019 Navaratri Kolu' Facebook album.

  4. Winners will be selected based on the number of Facebook likes and/or the final judges discretion.

  5. The picture of the Kolu should be without people (to keep online voting fair & anonymous).

  6. Public should please refrain from any comments which would effect the anonymity of the user.

  7. To keep things simple, only 1 photos per entry please. Collages welcome.

  8. To be fair to all participants, past winners will not be selected again.

    Fine Print:
    There will be no house visits to judge the Kolus.
    GLAC Executive Committee members cannot participate in the contest.
    Entries should be accompanied by a description of the theme/or other details of the Kolu.
    The contest is done in good faith. It should be your Kolu from this year.  Date and 'geo tagging' the pictures is recommended.
    The prizes will be announced online.  Past prizes include free tickets to the Hariharan Show and Bombay Jayashree Concert
    This is a 'fun' contest and the decisions of the judges is final and not meant to be challenged in online forums.
    Rasikas outside Michigan can participate and will be recognized if won, but will not be taken into account for prizes (if offered that year)


2017 Winner - Shanthala Murthy

2016 Winner - Iswarya Arunkumar


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